Ridgefield pair to fly into Dallas, drive supplies to Houston

A pair of men from Ridgefield have organized their own disaster relief effort and left for Texas Friday to lend a helping hand to the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
There have been local non-profit organizations raising money, as well as local first responders heading to Texas, but now just two regular guys are taking matters into their own hands, or truck.
Ezra Zimmerman hauls junk and Pete Rossini does landscaping, so they are no strangers to driving trucks.
The pair will fly into Dallas, where they plan to rent a box truck, fill it up with pallets of food, water, and a mass amount of diapers.
The goods will be delivered to a Houston community center they found online.
Ezra and Pete started a GoFundMe account to help put their plan in action and have raised more than $15,000.
They also have a few friends helping them out.
“I think there are people who are going to be dealing with the worst times they have ever dealt with and we are trying to make their lives better,” says Zimmerman.
The pair also helped out during Sandy, but they realize this could be much more of a challenge.
Since they raised more money than they had anticipated, they say they will be making the trip from Dallas to Houston as many times as they have to.