Roxbury welcomes 1st liquor store in town's history

Roxbury's first-ever package store will hold its grand opening on Friday.
Wine and Spirits at Roxbury Station is giving residents a place to grab a bottle of wine or a case of beer.
The store opened its door last week but the grand opening will give attendees a chance to participate in tastings, giveaways and more.
In 2011, Roxbury approved the sale of alcohol for the first time.
Store owner Thomas Scallon says they had to change the zoning in the town to allow a package store before they could even deal with the state's approval.
Since Roxbury was one of the last dry towns in Connecticut, store owner Thomas Scallon and his late partner Brad Bombard  wanted to give residents a place to be proud of.
"It started as my late partner's dream," Scallon said. "For me, it was a very emotional thing and it started like that and now it's ending like that."
The shop also features over 200 craft brews, some of which will be locally sourced.
Scallon says he's excited to see what the future holds for the store.