Sandy Hook nonprofit builds NJ playground in honor of father, daughter

A newly built playground will honor the lives of a father and daughter committed to helping others.
Caitlin Nelson worked for the nonprofit Where Angels Play, who built and dedicated 26 playgrounds throughout the tristate in honor of the Sandy Hook victims.
The newest playground in Clark, New Jersey marks the 51 one built by the organization.
Nelson was just 5 years old when her father died on 9/11 working as a Port Authority police officer while rescuing people inside the World Trade Center when it collapsed.
Nelson died suddenly two years ago.
Her sister, Anne Nelson, says she worked with some of the Sandy Hook victim's families and attended school in Connecticut.
"Caitlin actually worked with some of the families of the Newtown victims and so she did not know the victims themselves, but she knew the families and all of the playgrounds that were built for those victims so it all comes full circle; and I know that Caitlin smiling down those 26 angels. I'm really proud of this day and all the other playgrounds that have been built."
Where Angels Play also removed an old playground at the site of the new playground and shipped it to Puerto Rico, where it was dedicated in a neighborhood devastated and still recovering from Hurricane.