Sandy Hook Promise PSA encourages students to 'say something'

<p>A PSA video released Thursday by Sandy Hook Promise is garnering attention nationwide.</p>

News 12 Staff

Mar 22, 2018, 7:04 PM

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A PSA video released Thursday by Sandy Hook Promise is garnering attention nationwide.
The message behind the video is that saying something can prevent school shootings.
The PSA, which has already been featured on "The Today Show" and "Morning Joe," shows a student talking about how people often notice the signs of someone planning a school shooting but don't say anything.
Founders of Sandy Hook Promise hope the video brings attention to the organization's new Say Something Anonymous Reporting System. The program allows teens and adults to anonymously report concerning behavior by at-risk individuals so they can be stopped before they hurt themselves or others.
Some of the warning signs that are shown in the video are students who are bullied, looking at guns online or posting threatening information on social media.
Members of the Newton nonprofit told News 12 they investigate every report they get on Say Something. They say they work with police or school officials to make sure the person receives the right help.
They say they created the video to appeal to students.
"Students are the eyes and ears of their school and they see things that the adults in their lives do not," says Nicole Hockley, co-founder of Sandy Hook Promise. "They know when someone is potentially acting in a way that's harmful."
The group says reports made on Say Something have already prevented numerous incidents.
Anyone can access the Say Something reporting system by going online, using the program's app or calling its crisis line.

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