Sandy Hook Promise’s ‘Teenage Dream’ PSA aims to prevent further gun violence

A powerful new PSA from Sandy Hook Promise is giving a somber new meaning to Katy Perry's pop anthem "Teenage Dream."
It’s the latest thought-provoking video release from the nonprofit whose purpose is preventing gun violence in schools.
Sandy Hook Promise tapped survivors of gun violence in schools from around the country to recite the lyrics to the Perry tune. They then reveal their physical scars and emotional torment from those horrific events.
Dawn Lyons, vice president of marketing and programs for Sandy Hook Promise, said that turning the lyrics on its head “could be so powerful” and that there are “real teenage dreams that our kids are getting ripped away from them because of the threat of gun violence.”
“We've heard very loud and clear from people watching this that they're heartbroken over it and they don't want it to happen anymore,” Lyons said. 
The video ends with the nonprofit's long-running message – “School shootings are preventable when you know the signs.”