Save the Children working to get essentials to the people of Ukraine

The Save the Children organization has had teams on the ground in Ukraine since 2014 and say the mission is not going to be done anytime soon.
Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz joined local leaders at the STC's Fairfield headquarters.
"The reality is there is no safe place for children in Ukraine right now," says Bysiewicz.
Officials with Save the Children say over 2 million people and counting have fled the violence in Ukraine, including one million children.
"We are seeing an escalating number of unaccompanied children that are crossing the border," says Luciana Bonifacio, vice president and chief development officer for Save the Children. "And their well-being is extremely important to us."
The group works in partnership with local organizations to help distribute basic supplies like food, water and medicine.
Bonifacio says a whole generation of Ukrainian children will need help dealing with their trauma for years to come.
"Sometimes they need that beginning of like how to start talking about it, how to express it through drawings or through games," says Bonifacio.
Save the Children is calling on the Russian military to leave civilian targets alone and give humanitarian workers safe access.