Scientists at Sema4 help same-sex Ridgefield couple conceive after fertility struggles

A local couple facing incredible health risks to their unborn child, found a way to safely get pregnant and beat the odds.
When Staci Schmitt and Emily Pambianchi from Ridgefield were undergoing in vitro fertilization, scientists at Sema4 in Stamford discovered Pambianchi had Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is a group of disorders that affect connective tissues supporting the skin, bones and blood vessels.
And it was too risky to use her eggs.
Schmitt was also tested and was missing almost 5 million different chromosomes.
But of her 26 eggs -- only one was healthy.
Of their 500 potential donors -- only one was a viable match.
"What are the odds?" said Schmitt.
They are now seven weeks pregnant and completely amazed.
"We're pumped. We're really excited, I mean obviously she's a miracle to us, just even where we're at today at seven weeks," the couple said.
The couple has been documenting their journey on Instagram.
They expect baby Armani Grace to be born in early September.