Sen. Blumenthal: American Rescue Plan will help struggling CT businesses survive

The owner of a popular Bridgeport diner is hoping the next pandemic relief package will give his business the boost it needs to stay open.
When Pedro Sanchez opened the Famous 50s Diner seven years ago, he says he knew he was taking a gamble – but he never banked on a pandemic decimating his businesses.
On Friday, Sen. Richard Blumenthal met with him and other small business owners across the state to discuss the American Rescue Plan, which would bring $4 billion to Connecticut.
The senator says his office began working with Sanchez after finding out the 40-year-old business owner was struggling to keep his doors open, but had not yet applied for any emergency dollars because he didn't think he'd qualify for the help.
Sen. Blumenthal says that's exactly why he's getting the word out to as many small business owners as possible, adding that saving the Famous 50s Diner will mean saving a dozen jobs.
"This business must survive and thrive for the sake of the community and Bridgeport, and that's why I am fighting for the American Rescue Plan and the billions of dollars that would help Connecticut - $78 million alone coming to Bridgeport," says the senator.
Blumenthal says he expects the package to be passed as early as this coming week, and no later than mid-March.