Sen. Blumenthal asks Haitian Americans what they think should be done on southern border

Sen. Richard Blumenthal announced on Sunday that he's been sitting down with the Haitian American community to see what they think should be done amid the humanitarian crisis on the southern border. 
Raoul Noel, a 65-year-old Haitian-American from Bridgeport told News 12 his No. 1 concern are the undocumented Haitian migrants amassed on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border.
"Why Haiti is so close to America and it is the poorest in the hemisphere?” he asked. “There is something wrong."
"Haitian Americans like Raoul Noel should be heard and that's why I've been meeting with them," said Sen. Blumenthal. 
A few Haitians were granted asylum at the boarder while many others sent right back to Haiti, a country in chaos. Haiti’s president was assassinated in July. Then, an earthquake struck in August, killing thousands and leaving my buildings ruined. 
The series of events drove many Haitians to flee their country in a desperate effort to reach the southern U.S. border.
Noel is urging the Biden administration to tread carefully while trying to find a path forward for tens of thousands of vulnerable Haitians located at the U.S.-Mexican boarder.