Sen. Blumenthal demands Eversource issue refunds to customers who lost power during Isaias

Sen. Richard Blumenthal says Eversource should issue refunds to customers who lost power during Tropical Storm Isaias.
The senator tells News 12 that because it is taking so long to get everyone's power back up and running, refunds should be issued.
Sen. Blumenthal says at a time when Eversource executives are making millions of dollars in salaries, it's not an option for the company to offset repair costs by imposing rate increases on its customers.
"They're hinting at charging consumers for the cost of restoring power. That is absolutely unacceptable. They should be making refunds to families that are struggling to put food on the table, businesses hanging by a thread in the midst of a pandemic, talking about higher charges and rate hikes? Absolutely unacceptable. Don't even think about it, Eversource," Blumenthal says.
Sen. Blumenthal is also calling for a shakeup at Eversource, a company he says "made massive miscalculations in failing to prepare for the Tropical Storm Isaias, and other storms."
Eversource responded to the Senator's remarks by saying it is their goal right now is to get the lights on.