Sen. Gaston: Governor pushes lawmakers to address affordable housing shortage through state program

Sen. Gaston is working with a Bridgeport nonprofit to help people apply for state programs and find affordable housing.

Frank Recchia and Robyn Karashik

Apr 20, 2024, 10:18 PM

Updated 34 days ago


A local lawmaker said Gov. Ned Lamont is pushing for an emergency response to the epidemic shortage of affordable housing in Connecticut.
"We are at critical levels where we are now in a place of crisis. We have to do something to address this and we are doing everything that we can,” said Sen. Herron K. Gaston. “Working with developers, working with local mayors, to make sure that we're putting plans in place to address not only the housing crisis of today, but that we can address those things for tomorrow.”
He said the Bridgeport nonprofit Building Neighborhoods Together helps people apply for a state program called Time to Own.
“We're looking at workforce housing, we're looking at low-income housing,” Gaston said.
He said it provides up to $50,000 in down payment assistance through a 0% grant.
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