Senate candidate Leora Levy, parents hold rally after Greenwich administrator’s controversial video

A rally was held outside Cos Cob Elementary School on Wednesday evening after the school’s assistant principal was put on administrative leave stemming from a controversial video.
The rally, hosted by Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Leora Levy, also saw dozens of parents attend and share their frustration against the now-viral video of assistant principal Jeremy Boland telling an undercover reporter from the conservative group "Project Veritas" that he doesn’t like to hire Catholic teachers and that he is looking for “progressive teachers” that can “deliver a Democratic message.”
Parents tell News 12 that the educator being put on leave is just the beginning of what they want to see for the Greenwich public school system.
"This is not something that just happened yesterday,” said Debbie Kuehnel, Riverside. “This is something that has been going on for a long time and has been percolating throughout our school systems."
"I want us to start at the top and go all the way down and get rid of all of this cancer that's on our town and in our schools,” added Wendy Walsh, Greenwich.
The town's Superintendent of Schools condemned Boland's statements, and says he's been placed on leave pending a full investigation. Greenwich's first selectman, Republican Fred Camillo said he's hiring an outside attorney to investigate.
Gov. Ned Lamont also says the state’s Department of Education is investigating.