Senator-elect finds housing for disabled veteran who recently lost her home

A Bridgeport veteran who was recently evicted from her apartment will not be homeless, thanks to the emergency intervention of state and local officials who learned about her story on News 12.
Air Force veteran Debbie Camp, who is disabled, says when she rented a car Friday morning as she was planning to live out of the vehicle until she could find housing, or at least until her modest savings ran out.
Camp says she was evicted this week from the multi-family house where she had been renting an apartment, along with the two therapy dogs she refused to separate from the South End of Bridgeport.
But state Sen.-elect Herron Gaston says when he learned about Camp's situation on News 12 Connecticut Friday morning, he immediately contacted city officials and worked to get the 64-year-old vet into a hotel, using emergency funding designated for that purpose.
"When I heard about this story it just broke my heart," said Gaston. "And we were able to secure housing at least temporarily or her until she's able to get into a permanent housing solution."
News 12 Connecticut first told you about Camp's plight one month ago, and how officials say a severe shortage of disability housing was making her situation difficult to remedy. Camp met with Sen. Richard Blumenthal, whose office contacted local agencies in an effort to help.
"This country should not allow Debbie Camp to be homeless on Veterans Day or any other day," said Blumenthal.
Camp, who stopped at the Veterans Memorial at Seaside Park on this Veteran Day, says she's grateful to everyone who came together to help her get a roof over her head -- at least temporarily.
"Thank you for taking the time to be interested in my story and helping to solve my situation," said Camp.
Gaston says he plans to make homelessness among veterans a top legislative priority once he's sworn into office.