Sister of 15-year-old killed by Bridgeport officer says fight for justice will continue after settlement

The sister of a 15-year-old who was fatally shot by a Bridgeport police officer five years ago is speaking publicly for the first time about a legal settlement her family has reached with the City of Bridgeport.
"There's still a massive emptiness within my heart," said Jazmarie Melendez.
Her brother, Jayson Negron, was fatally shot in 2017 by Bridgeport Police Officer James Boulay. Her family has reached a settlement in the lawsuit with the city, the police department and Boulay.
"I do say that I support the decision that Jayson's parents and the attorneys reached to end the legal aspect of the fight," said Melendez.
But Melendez says she was not a party to the lawsuit and is not an heir to the estate of her brother, saying her battle will continue in a very public way.
"Fighting for justice, for his life, fighting for systemic change in the City of Bridgeport -- that's going to continue," she said.
Negron, who was not armed and police say was in a stolen car, was shot multiple times by Boulay following a pursuit on Fairfield Avenue.
His family's lawsuit said, "James Boulay's conduct was unreasonable, unlawful, and the result of a policy and custom in the City of Bridgeport, where inadequately trained officers recklessly escalate traffic stops and use excessive force that endangers lives, without discipline from the department."
Melendez did not comment on the dollar value reached as part of the settlement.
"Our family is not going to be silenced when it comes to still demanding that James Boulay be fired and decertified," she said.
Melendez, who's headed up a cause that's been punctuated by multiple protests as well as an encampment in front of the police department, says she is sorry she cannot say more at the moment.
"But in the near future, Justice for Jayson wants to release an official statement and go in depth a little bit further at that point," Melendez said.
The City of Bridgeport declined to comment.