Small dog that survived attack last year killed by pit bull in Bridgeport

A small dog that was attacked last summer by a pit bull and survived was fatally attacked again by possibly the same pit bull in Bridgeport. 
Rose Delia, the owner of a 10-pound Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix named Coco, says she let her dog outside last week while she kept an eye on her from her front door.
That’s when the pit bull ran up and attacked her. The incident was caught on video.
“She was my best friend. She was a daughter to me,” Delia told News 12. “I tried to save her, but it happened so fast.”
It was the second attack on Coco in the past year. News 12 first met Coco last August after she survived a mauling by a pit bull that was roaming the neighborhood without a leash.
At the time, Delia didn't know the dog or who its owner was. She says she's certain it was the same animal in both incidents.
News 12 was told that Bridgeport Animal Control found the pit bull's owner and that they agreed to put the dog down.
Delia says she hopes by sharing her story, another dog owner won't have to go through what she has.
“I don't want anybody to experience this,” she says.