'So in shock': Student who works at Norwalk restaurant stunned by customer's generous tip

A college student who works as a waitress at RHK Seafood Boil and Bar in South Norwalk became $1,000 richer Tuesday, thanks to the generosity of a customer.
Michelle Rodrigues says she was waiting on a large group of people, and when they paid the bill, she did a double take when she looked at the tip.
Rodrigues says she had a table of four adults and six children, and when they paid the $500 bill - they left the generous tip behind.
She says she chased down the customer, who is from Los Angeles, and told him he must've tipped her incorrectly - but he told her that the amount given was correct.
"I was so in shock," she says.
Rodrigues is a junior in college studying biomedical science online at a university in Brazil. She says it's good to know there are still some nice people out there.
"For that, I could pay my college for four months, almost the entire semester," says Rodrigues.
The customer told Rodrigues that he would be back.