Some pro teams on pause as COVID spreads through sports world

No leagues are returning to bubbles or empty arenas.

News 12 Staff

Dec 20, 2021, 11:44 PM

Updated 934 days ago


COVID-19 is spreading across the sports world.
More than 300 players in the three major sports leagues currently in season didn’t play this weekend due to coronavirus rules.
Ten players on the Brooklyn Nets are now off the court due to safety protocols as the NBA has put the team on pause.
Dr. Sharon Nachman of the Stony Brook University Infectious Disease Department says the spread across the sports world is not just about the players.
“It’s the whole infrastructure,” Nachman says, regarding coaches, staff and the people that work inside venues. “Are all those people also vaccinated?”
No leagues are returning to bubbles or empty arenas.
The NHL is pausing games between U.S. and Canadian teams for a week and outbreaks are being treated on a team-by-team basis as they look to complete the season.

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