Southport content creator who went viral for life hacks to publish 1st book 

Kat Ashmore shares it all - from breakfast tips to healthy snack ideas, weeknight and Sunday suppers.

Angelica Toruno and Nicole Alarcon Soares

Jan 18, 2024, 1:29 AM

Updated 170 days ago


A content creator from Southport has been inspiring people to want to cook on social media, and now she’s publishing her first book.
"I just started creating consistently on TikTok. I started sharing lifestyle tips and sharing my recipes and you know... hacks from how to choose a juicy lemon, to how to keep your bedsheets really white."
Kat Ashmore shares it all, from breakfast tips to healthy snack ideas, weeknight and Sunday suppers.
She is mostly known for her “Hungry Lady Salads” on TikTok.
Ashmore has always loved cooking but decided to take a step back to focus on family.
"Straight out of culinary school I started working on the 'Martha Stewart Show,'" said Ashmore.
In 2020, Ashmore dived back into the media world.
"You're faced with a choice that sometimes doesn't feel like a choice, whether or not to commute and maybe not see your kids for the week or stay home. So, I stayed home for a few years," said Ashmore.
Her platform blossomed, bringing in nearly two and a half million followers.
"My content is very personality forward; I feel like I have an intimate connection even with the size of my platforms," she said.
After receiving positive feedback, she decided to write her first recipe book, naming it "Big Bites".
"No matter what, if it was a busy Tuesday night and you had 20 minutes to get dinner on the table, or you’re hosting a bridal shower, or it's your birthday, whatever the occasion, there is a recipe in here for you," said Ashmore.
Her cookbook will release on Jan. 23, and author Ashmore is planning a book tour with several stops in her home state of Connecticut.
People can click here to find out the book tour dates.

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