Spring is in the air: Bridgeport Wholesale flower bulb warehouse offers spring flower garden attraction

An annual spring flower garden run by a wholesale flower bulb supplier is offering views of beautiful blooms in Bridgeport.  
Tim Schipper, co-owner of Colorblends Wholesale Flower bulbs, says his grandfather used to farm flower bulbs in the Netherlands and then after World War II, his father emigrated to the United States and opened up their business.
Colorblends House and Spring Garden are located on the west side of Bridgeport.
Schipper says he first started selling flower bulbs door to door to greenhouse growers, and then eventually went into more of the landscape end of the business.
"The main reason was to create a space where it’s a living catalog so people can come in the springtime and see exactly what they look like," he says.  
Schipper says the second reason was to create a test garden where workers add new varieties of flowers from the Netherlands that the company likes to bring into the United States to test them for climate stability for a few years.
"We tend to have a lot of people come up with families, and they come and take pictures with the tulips and the house in the background - so it’s a nice little occasion for the family to stroll through the garden," Schipper says.
Schipper says it’s kind of a part of a visit if you come to Bridgeport. He says when people see the spring flowers everybody gets a little uplifted.
The Colorblends Garden is open from April 2 until May 16. You may want to visit a few times as the garden evolves through the season.