Stamford-based Americares sending 3 tons of medicine, supplies to Ukraine border

Three tons of medicine and supplies will be shipped to the border of Ukraine and Poland by Stamford-based Americares in the next few days.
In a news conference with state officials, Americares explained the need for on-the-ground support for Ukrainians fleeing their country.
The nonprofit says the eight shipments it's currently building consist of medical supplies for wounds, IV solutions, antibiotics and other items.
Gov. Ned Lamont expressed the importance of providing aid in a time of crisis.
"We have enormous refugee issues across the Polish border. That's where Americares is - they're coordinating every day to provide the best support, medical support and I really hope you remember what they're doing. They're right here in Connecticut," Lamont said.
Americares says there is currently an emergency medical team on standby ready to respond when needed.
Lamont said Connecticut in the past has taken in refugees and if the time comes, the state will accept refugees from Ukraine.
"We took refugees from Afghanistan when there was need," he said. "If there's a need for Ukraine as well, we'll do the right thing. We have a significant Ukrainian population in Connecticut already. New Britain, Stamford, Hartford, I believe, and we'll do the right thing."
There are no current plans to take in Ukrainian refugees.