Cheerleaders draw inspiration from teammate with Down syndrome

A Stamford High School cheerleader is using her accomplishments to inspire others on this World Down Syndrome Day.
When Gracie Lombardo started high school, she told her mom she wanted to try cheerleading. The coach and the team embraced Lombardo, teaching her skills not just meant for game day.
"What I really like about cheerleading is the girls are nice and supportive," she said.
When it came time to compete, they created a special division and made a routine where Lombardo could do a solo and really shine.
The cheerleaders say having Lombardo along for the ride really lifted everyone up.
"Grace is definitely good to have around because she teaches us how to be nicer to everyone else, and at practices she is always in a good mood," said junior captain Rebecca Gordon.
Lombardo says she loves being above the ground and is learning to be a flyer - the moves where the cheerleader gets tossed in the air.
Credit: Lombardo Family