Stamford firefighters sharpen skills at demolished building training site

News 12 Connecticut got a firsthand look Sunday afternoon at Stamford Fire Department firefighters training at a donated demolished building on Lafayette Street.
"No matter what type of hazard we encounter, the Stamford Fire Department is ready," said Deputy Fire Chief Matt Palmer.
Several crews performed two exercises for ventilation on the roof and rescue techniques on the windows.
"This type of building will allow us to focus on certain types of firefighting skills and practices we can't do at our training facility," Palmer said.
One of the exercises included breaking glass windows and sawing down the exterior wall.
"If we have an occupant or a firefighter trapped on the second floor, it can be very difficult to lift him up over the windowsill," said Captain Stuart Rieve. "We cut both sides down to floor the level and then we can drag them straight out."
The fire department is working to rotate their crews to ensure training at the building because of the type of structure it is.
"Getting out into the field and using an actual wood-framed building, such as this one, it's really important to use," Palmer said. "It gives us a much better opportunity than sometimes our regular training facility."
Some of the techniques practiced at the training were utilized in a recent house fire on Fairfield Avenue.