Stamford man accused of putting hidden camera in woman’s bedroom

A Stamford man put a hidden camera in a local woman's bedroom and took pictures of her topless, according to Stamford police. Robert Bagalloo, 46, was arrested on a voyeurism charge Wednesday. It followed an investigation that began in March when the woman made a disturbing find.
In Bagalloo's arrest warrant, police wrote, "The victim stated that recently she was in her room watching television and noticed two small lights reflecting off the wall of her room. As she investigated further, she saw a small, round, mini hidden camera on a shelf just below her cable box and television."
Police said Bagalloo was renting a room in the home where the victim lived with her mother, who owned the property.
“He was interviewed by the investigators, and he did deny placing the camera or taking any photos of the victim,” said Lt. Tom Scanlon.
Scanlon told News 12 investigators analyzed the device but found no internal memory or data storage, and the card slot was empty. “So, we didn't find any evidence of any photos or videos from that camera.”
Bagalloo does have a criminal history. Court documents show in 2008 he was convicted of second-degree sexual assault of a teenager under 16 and risk of injury to a child. The judge sentenced him to one year in jail for each charge, followed by 15 years of probation, which Bagalloo is still on. Police alerted the Office of Adult Probation about the new investigation.
“As a result, the probation department seized that suspect's cell device and submitted it for forensic analysis at the state lab,” Scanlon said.
The lab found 17 images of "what appeared to be a bedroom and the unclothed torso of a woman," according to Bagalloo’s warrant. Investigators determined the images were of the victim from the camera she found.
Bagalloo has been in custody since June on a violation of probation charge.