Stamford mayor expected to announce indoor mask mandate this week; New Haven reinstates mandate today

An indoor mask mandate may be coming back to Stamford, Mayor David Martin says. Meanwhile, New Haven's mayor has reinstated an indoor mask mandate beginning today. 
Martin told News 12 Saturday that an indoor mask mandate for all residents would be announced sometime this week.
"Last week, I mandated vaccines for all city employees and this coming week, we are going to re-introduce the mask mandate when you're indoors. So when you go into the grocery store or going to retail shops, when you're indoors and you're going to those places where a lot of people are gathering, we're going to have mandated masks just like how they have a New Haven, I'd be getting to have those in other communities in the state," Martin says.
The statewide mask mandate ended back in May for fully vaccinated people, however, Gov. Ned Lamont announced last week that he is giving local governments the power to put mask restrictions back in place.
Mayor Justin Ellicker, of New Haven, has already issued a mask mandate for that city beginning today.
Martin announced Friday that all city employees must be fully vaccinated by the second week in September or face weekly COVID-19 testing.