Stamford Mayor Simmons tests positive for COVID, gives State of the City address virtually

Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons says she and her husband have tested positive for COVID. The new mayor was supposed to deliver her first State of the City address in front of a packed room at the Hilton Stamford ballroom, but had to record the speech virtually.
"Spring is a time of renewal and I'm optimistic that Stamford is poised to emerge as not only one of the strongest cities in the state, but one of the strongest cities in the country," said Simmons.
Simmons has had a busy first few months in office. Dealing with COVID for city residents, a proposed 1% tax increase and the birth of her third child.
Simmons says she has 5 goals for the city: to innovate, provide business retention, business attraction, inclusion and affordability and fiscal sustainability.
She says she wants to fix the city's infrastructure, from transportation to schools.
"We have a lot to do ahead, but I know that we can take advantage of the opportunities we have before us not just to move our city forward, but to take us to the next level," said Simmons.
The mayor says she wants to create 10,000 jobs that would help reduce the city's current 4% unemployment rate. She says she's also talking about a ferry from New York City to Stamford.
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