Stamford officials announce $16M road paving, sidewalk restoration initiative

The city of Stamford announced a $16 million initiative to pave roadways and restore sidewalks Monday.
Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons announced the "Pave Stamford" initiative.
The initiative is going to increase the amount of road paving and sidewalk construction.
Officials say the funds are coming from the capital budget. 
They say the initiative is in direct response from community feedback and they hope that the plan helps improve quality of live and public safety. 
The goal is for the city to work on about 70 roads which totals over 20 miles of paving through the end of 2022. 
The initiative is going to be done on a two-tier paving schedule, and while it may be noisy at certain points, officials say they plan to work on 70 roads throughout Stamford through the end of the year.
The initiative also plans to restore 100% of Stamford's sidewalks that are near public schools in the next five years.  
Sidewalk construction is already underway at Newfield Elementary School.