Stamford Police Activities League center to provide space to kids to learn and play

Stamford police have found an important way to give back to the youth in their community.
A local property manager saw what Waterbury police were doing with their Police Activities League, so he approached Stamford police about doing the same thing at an old community center.
"They liked the idea. The chief liked the idea, and we came and we shot hoops and talked about bringing this building back," said John Elliott, with Beacon Communities.
The Chester Addison Community Center on Selleck Street in Stamford is getting a makeover.
"This community center's been closed since COVID," said Stamford police Chief Tim Shaw.
Stamford police say especially since the pandemic hit, kids have been looking for something to do in the community.
"This can uplift a lot of little kids from here. Keep them safe, especially with a lot of things going on," said Kenyi Perdomo, from Stamford.
"To really re-connect with the kids in this community who are just dying for this community center to open," said Shaw.
This building will not only provide a place to play sports and games, but a place to learn.
"This building has been just a main source of not only community but somewhere they can go that its safe and to do something that's positive," said Elliott.  
Police say the new center is scheduled to open next month and say they are getting state and federal grants to improve the center.