Stamford Police Department among first in CT to undergo bias training

Amid nationwide calls to action for police accountability over the past few years, the Stamford Police Department says it's moving to do something about it.
As a follow-up to the Clergy Academy that the Stamford police are doing this month, they're now also holding bias training -- one of the first municipalities in the state to do it.
"We need to talk about solutions, and we need to have calls to action," says Quentin Williams, with the nonprofit Dedication to Community. "We talk about how to build substantive, successful and sustainable relationships in life and with the communities they serve."
Williams is aiming to help close the gap on racism in the country.
He's leading bias training this week with Stamford police. The idea is to educate and empower communities through the law enforcement training sessions.
Vincent O'Banner is also part of the organization and is a former Greenwich police officer.
"I think it's very important that we try to bridge that separation or divide," O'Banner said.
Stamford officers say the message was well received.
The program has also been done fully with the Connecticut State Police, and partially with Milford police. The organization will be doing more with others in the coming weeks.