Stamford police officer from Poland rallies other departments to help Ukraine

Stamford police officer Anna Futyma is from Poland, and grew up three hours from Lviv, the Ukrainian city Russians are now bombing.
She still has family in eastern Poland and the images she sees on television constantly remind her that her own family could soon be in jeopardy.
"You almost feel obligated to do something," said Futyma.
Futyma, along with Wilton police Detective Eva Zimnoch, who is also from Poland, have shipped 150 body armor vests to their native country.
Other departments around the state like Wilton and Darien have also chipped in.
The vests will be given to Ukrainians to fight.
"If I was there most likely I would have been involved somehow. I'm not, so this was the only way I think we can help," said Futyma.
Futyma says she has something else in mind to help that could be even bigger, but she didn't want to give it away just yet.
Futyma says she also got calls from New York City and Chicago police who also wanted to help.