Stamford police probe rash of store burglaries

Stamford police say they're looking for a serial burglar going after businesses within the city, the three latest incidents happening Monday night.
Police say there have been 16 burglaries and one attempted burglary since Nov. 9. They say the stores targeted have either been cleaners or delis and that the burglar smashed the front glass doors with a blunt object to enter.
Authorities say whoever is responsible has gotten away every time, sometimes with nothing, but other times with as much as $3,000. They believe all 17 incidents were carried out by one person.
Stamford business owners are being told to take precautions, including making sure front doors and windows are cleared of any signs or posters. Owners are also being asked to keep lights on overnight, empty cash registers and leave them open so it?s clear there?s no money inside.
Police are also asking anyone with information on the burglaries to give them a call at 203-977-4444 or 203-977-4407.