Stamford resident spends months in Ukraine providing aid through nonprofit USA For Ukraine

A Stamford resident is back home after spending months in Ukraine providing critical aid to hard-hit areas of the war-torn country.
"They told us to wear bulletproof vests just in case because the bombings were still happening there," says Stamford resident Olga Livintenko.
News 12 Connecticut first brought you Livintenko's story back in February when she feared for the safety of her family in Ukraine when the war first started, and again when Livintenko evacuated her aunt from Kyiv to a city in France.
She's now combining her passion for animals and volunteering with her dedication for her country, through her nonprofit USA For Ukraine.
In partnership with Global Empowerment Mission, Livintenko says they've been able to get schools in areas like Bucha back up and running.
"There were seven schools, and they were repaired in three months," says Livintenko.
She visited war-ravished areas in parts of eastern Ukraine, which she says empowers her to keep going.
"Imagine if it was your relative or your indirect family members... I don't think there would be a question to just help," she says.
USA For Ukraine has raised over $100,000 so far, and Livintenko is planning a trip to provide more aid in November.
USA For Ukraine is also helping animal shelters rebuild, find food and get animals adopted.