Stamford’s Day of the Dead Parade a chance to celebrate lost loved ones

Through the beauty of flowers and specialized bread, Pilar Pelaez and the Latino Foundation of Stamford are preparing for Dia de los Muertos at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Stamford.
"Even if it's not your religion it doesn't matter, we're open to anyone that wants to come share this tradition," says Pilar Pelaez, an organizer. "We get to honor the people that have passed in our lives so it's beautiful," says Pelaez.
Those who have died are honored through their favorite colors, food, and photos on the alter. For Pelaez, this year she's honoring her mother.
"We get to share what they used to love... my mom used to love coffee so I'll bring her coffee tomorrow," she says
The Latino Foundation of Stamford received a grant from the city to bring the beauty to life of this Mexican holiday and through the vision of local Pilar Blanco.
"The big skull that you see up there – that is from Mexico. It took two months to be done by artisans in Mexico that work for Pilar Blanco," says Pelaez.
Organizers say no matter your background, all are invited to celebrate their loved one.
"It should be something that brings us joy cause were remember the happiest moments when they were with us. It may feel sad, but it's a day you get to reunite with people who have passed," explains Pelaez.
Stamford Day of the Dead Parade will happen at 1 p.m. at Latham Park.