Stamford Salvation Army holds toy giveaway for families

The Stamford Salvation Army spread holiday cheer with a toy giveaway four days before Christmas.
Officials say more than 1,000 toys were given out to 300 families at their headquarters on Thursday.
Each bag donated was worth an estimated $100.
Volunteers spent months collecting toys and sorting them.
"We're very thoughtful in the gifts. We meet with families to make sure that we get the right gifts and do the best to get them the gifts that the family would like." says Maj. Myron Smith.
As part of the giveaway, donors were able to help eligible families through the annual Angel Tree program.
Others were able to adopt Stamford area families who faced major crises this year and require the most need.
Officials say the need for presents continues to grow.
"There's been an incremental increase. It's harder and harder for families to get by in Stamford, it's very expensive to live and for rent and utilities and these things. We see a lot more people getting evicted. And, when you're trying to meet those basic necessities of Christmas toys for your family and those extras are really hard. We'll make sure that Christmas happens for them," says Smith.
Smith says it's meaningful to him and others to see how much people appreciate their work.
"It takes a lot of time, a lot of volunteers, and a lot of hours. We try to remind folks that the Salvation Army is there for them, that the folks of Stamford care, and this is one way of us expressing that," says Smith.