Stamford sergeant named citizen of the year

Sgt. Adriana Molina was honored as Stamford’s citizen of the year.

Alexa Farrell and Nicole Alarcon Soares

Jan 6, 2024, 3:07 AM

Updated 201 days ago


A new calendar year in Stamford means a new citizen being honored for their work and dedication to the city. 
Sgt. Adriana Molina was honored as Stamford’s citizen of the year.
"For one of our sergeants to be recognized for an honor like this, it really just shows what kind of department this is and more importantly, what type of person Sgt. Malina is," said Chief Tim Shaw.
Molina is the first of the Stamford Police Department to receive this honor.
"We are here to build bridges and break down barriers, and we are also in a position where we can help make changes," said Molina.
She is the head of the behavioral health unit - which focuses on getting people with mental health problems the help they need.
"There are so many vulnerable people out there and so many that don’t have a voice, and I am in a position that I can try to have a voice for these people, so there is a passion," said Molina.
Her family and children were in attendance on Friday morning to congratulate the Molina for this recognition. 
"She is a hard worker, really dedicated to her job and the community, and she is just an awesome mother as well, we are really luck to have her, and we just appreciate her so much," said her son Marcelino Molina.
"She has grown so much in her career, and she is just so humble about every award she has received, and I think she has done a lot to work in this direction to be such an amazing citizen,” her daughter Victoria Molina added. 
The department also recognized Molina’s boss, Capt. Thomas Barcello, on his retirement from the force.

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