Stamford student says someone shot at school bus

A Stamford man is demanding answers after someone apparently shot a bullet into his son?s school bus window.
Charles Ambrosezznia said his 9-year-old son, CJ, told him about the incident. He said his son also saw someone with a firearm outside the bus. No one in the vehicle was hurt, but Ambrosezznia claims CJ is afraid to ride the bus to and from school.
Laidlaw Bus Company said their driver pulled over and the children were put on a different bus after the incident. The bus has also since been repaired, according to the company. While the company said the window shattered, no glass came into the bus because it is considered safety glass.
According to police, the object that shattered the glass may have been a bullet from a BB gun or possibly a rock. They plan to have an officer follow the bus during its route. However, Ambrosezznia said he will consult an attorney if he doesn?t get answers.
Calls to the principal and assistant principal of Hart School, where CJ is a student, have not been returned.