Stamford to crack down on out-of-town cars regularly parked in area

Stamford officials will soon have a way of tracking down cars owners who continually park in area, but aren't registered in the city.
Stamford is adding thousands of people - and cars - but not all of those vehicles are getting registered.
Officials say it’s costing the city tax money, so Stamford is hiring a company to drive around and read license plates.
Those who regularly park an out-of-town car in Stamford could get a letter from the tax assessor.
Some wonder how secure their license plate information will be.
Steven Kolenberg, of the Stamford Board of Representatives, calls it "Big Brother."
Kolenberg says he also worries the poor and young people will be targeted.
"Obviously, these people are going to be the targets of this 'Peeping Tom.' It's not going to be the folks up in North Stamford with a mile-long driveway who hide an entire fleet of vehicles in their backyard,” he says.
News 12 wasn’t able to reach the vendor, Shelton-based Municipal Tax Services, but its website says all their drivers undergo criminal background checks.
Patrols at night should start in a few weeks, but it could be months before the first letters go out to potential violators.