Stamford woman says clinical cancer trials at Bennett Cancer Center are life-saving

A Stamford woman says decades have been added to her life because of clinical trials at the Bennett Cancer Center at Stamford Hospital.
Judy Aronin found out she had chronic lymphocytic leukemia, a rare form of cancer of the white blood cells, 27 years ago.
She says five years ago, she started a clinical trial and was using two brand new drugs to treat the cancer.
Doctors said three years later that she's always had the cancer but it was under control.
Dr. Steve Lo, who is in charge of clinical studies for CLL at the Bennett Cancer Center, says these trials are so important.
Aronin says this treatment allowed her to see the birth of two grandchildren and so many other major moments.
Doctors say because of the success of the clinical trials, they're also getting patients from surrounding states and are hoping the drugs that are being used with someday be officially approved.
Aronin now gets treatments every six weeks to strengthen her immune system.