Stamford’s Breakthru Fitness teaches Krav Maga self-defense

Self-defense experts say it is not uncommon for people to freeze up when faced with a threat. However, the martial art Krav Maga is designed to help people take automatic action when needed. Breakthru Fitness in Stamford is teaching this method of self-defense.
“Krav Maga is the official fighting system and self-defense system of the Israeli forces,” said head instructor Tom Bacha. “It's based on your instinctive response. You learn it quick and more importantly, you retain it under duress."
Krav Maga uses fake replicas to train for real threats. Students are taught to automatically redirect, control and counter-act.
“The techniques just fly from you until the threat is on the ground or running away,” said Bacha. “We have to make a very aggressive point and if damage is needed, damage is included."
Breakthru Fitness students like 24-year-old Fiona Brock say the lessons help prepare them for real-life dangers.
“I feel a lot more powerful. A lot safer walking around alone,” she said