Standing room only at hearing for Binney Park tree removal plan

It was a full house at a hearing in Greenwich where residents got their chance to weigh in on a plan to remove trees from Binney Park.
Earlier this month, the town posted notices stating that 20 trees will be coming down as part of the Binney Park Master Plan. Town officials say the trees slated for removal are mostly crabapple trees that are infected with fungus. They want to replace the trees with ones that are more suitable for the soil.
"The old varieties like what are there are very susceptible to fungus and disease and that's why we're losing them," says Nancy Chapin, of Greenwich Parks and Recreation.
Some residents say they like the trees and don't see why they have to come down.
"It's not a reason to cut down a beautiful 25-by-20-foot tree that flowers in the spring," says Charlene Barnes, of Greenwich.
Town officials say a little lively debate is a good thing for the future of the park. Officials say they will take all of the comments into consideration and release their final decision in the next few days.