State officials: Warm weather leads to increased ticks

Connecticut is expecting an increased amount of ticks this summer, and experts are warning residents to be careful, state officials say.
Theodore Andreadis at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment station in New Haven tells News 12 that because of warmer days in January and February, there will be more ticks in the area this summer.
"The best method of protection is to just check yourself," he says. "If you've been in an area where there's ticks, you get back home and want to check yourself very very closely."
Andreadis says a tick bite can lead to serious cases of Lyme disease if not treated early.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also released a report Thursday about the state's first case of the Powassan virus, which is transmitted by ticks.In the Connecticut case, an infant was bitten by a tick and developed a fever, vomiting and seizures.