State opening probe into Bridgeport’s mayoral absentee ballots

Marilyn Moore, a former candidate for mayor in Bridgeport, has filed paperwork with Secretary of the State Denise Merrill's office after she claims absentee ballot voters were swayed by her opponent Joe Ganim's campaign.
The Secretary of the State office says Moore held a 344-vote lead on the machine totals but lost in absentee ballots 967-313. Moore lost the election to Ganim by less than 300 votes.
State Sen. Marilyn Moore says she owes the people of Bridgeport the right to unseat Joe Ganim in his quest for a second four-year term following his prison sentence for corruption. But she says that dirty politics may be getting in the way.
“If people are being coerced, cajoled, promised something, intimidated whatever to do an absentee ballot, then there's something wrong with that process,” says Moore.
Ganim says the loss is only to blame on Moore’s campaign. He says, “If there's any irregularities, they are associated with the losing campaign,”
“If that campaign continues to move forward, we're going to have supervised ballots,” he adds. He also says he contacted the secretary of the state.
Moore says her campaign did interviews with absentee voters and affidavits, and she hopes a state investigation will help her in November.
The state Election Enforcement Commission has scheduled a special meeting for Monday afternoon to open an investigation into absentee ballots in the Bridgeport Democratic Primary.