State Sen. Hwang: Affordable housing bill infringes on local control over zoning

State Sen. Tony Hwang spoke out Sunday against affordable housing legislation, which he says infringes on local control over zoning.
The Republican, speaking in Bridgeport, was talking about Senate Bill 10-24 - which aims to desegregate the state by creating more affordable housing.
"This current premise that Hartford knows best for local communities, that one size fits all, is a false premise that has raised a lot of concerns of local property owners and ultimately people's right to personal property," he said.
Democratic state Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff says, "Zoning reform will expand our state's housing stock and diversity, attract new residents... and give our economy a much-needed boost as we recover from COVID-19. Contrary to over-the-top rhetoric... these common sense proposals respect local authority and will receive the full attention of the state Senate."