State Theater shows documentary about war hero from Stamford

“The Giant Killer” presents the life of Richard Flaherty, a war hero from Stamford, known as the smallest soldier to ever serve in the U.S. military.
Standing at about 4 feet 7 inches tall, Flaherty had to petition to get into the army.
Flaherty eventually served as a Green Beret captain and was awarded the Silver Star, two Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars in Vietnam.
The film's director, retired Miami police officer David Yuzuk, says Flaherty suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, became homeless and died three years ago in Florida in a hit-and-run.
He says Flaherty, a friend of 15 years, told him about his experiences in the military and mysterious life thereafter.
"An important part of this story is our veterans who are homeless with nobody looking out for them," said Yuzuk. 
Yuzuk tells News 12 that the film will also eventually be available on demand on Amazon, Direct TV and iTunes.