Staying hydrated – what to drink depends on your level of physical activity, doctor says

In the summer, water can also replenish what's lost in sweat.

Gillian Neff and Rose Shannon

Jun 30, 2024, 1:41 PM

Updated 13 days ago


A sports medicine doctor is reminding people that while it's important to drink the recommend amount of water to stay hydrated all year, it's crucial during the summer.
Doctors say people need to drink eight cups of water a day to achieve proper hydration. Water also keeps the body and brain functioning, and helps improve skin, joints, cells and organs.
Dr. Matthew Anastasi, a sports medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic, recommends people start drinking water in the morning.
"I always explain to patients that if you have a cup of coffee and a cup of water, those cancel each other out," says Anastasi.
In the summer, water can also replenish what's lost in sweat.
Anastasi suggests people who considered themselves very physically active and or perspire frequently, consume drinks containing electrolytes.
"The more electrolytes you have in your body, the more water you can help to hold on to and therefore it keeps you well hydrated," he says.
Anastasi warns people should check the drink labels first.
"You may be taking in way too many calories, way too much sugar. And you also may be well above your recommended diet, dietary consumption of those substances that I mentioned. So I think as with anything, it's a balancing act," says Anastasi.
Anastasi tells News 12 that choosing to drink plain water or an electrolyte drink is depended on one's activity level.

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