Stew Leonard’s in Norwalk offers masks to customers to abide by city’s new mandate

Norwalk's citywide mask mandate went into effect Friday and local businesses are working with the city to make sure it's being implemented.
Stew Leonard's in Norwalk asks customers before they enter to mask up. If you don’t have one, you’ll be asked to wear one of the free masks staff are giving out.
Stew Leonard's is working to protect customers and staff while also assisting the city of Norwalk enforce the new indoor mask mandate. The grocery store says its customers have been respectful and responsive to the changes, especially since they dropped the mask requirement in stores back in May.
On Friday, staff handed out over 500 masks to customers.
Stew Leonard's says the change has been smooth sailing so far in Norwalk. The mask mandate in Danbury will go into effect Sunday.
Stew Leonard's say its employees get trained on how to deal with a frustrated customer and if someone comes in refusing to wear a mask.