STORM WATCH: Warmup Friday before heavy rain and wind this weekend

The News 12 Storm Watch Team is tracking a storm overnight Sunday into Monday that could bring heavy rain along with strong wind gusts.
Much milder today this is the trend through the weekend. Watching a potential coastal storm bring heavy rain and wind to western Connecticut starting late Sunday night
NOW & NEW: Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says the weather stay dries through Sunday morning. It's fairly certain now that the storm on Sunday will bring widespread heavy rain and wind. The possibility of 2-3" of rain exists Sunday into Monday morning. The worst looks like it will hit overnight and early Monday. The timing on this system may change slightly if the track of the storm changes. There is some uncertainty tied to that part of the forecast. Winds will likely gust up to 45 mph along the coast. Flooding is also likely with this much rain - both street and urban as well as coastal.
Showers will likely start by Sunday afternoon. They will not be widespread. Look for heavier rain and much more well after dinnertime and closer to about midnight. The worst winds look to hit early Monday morning and could have an impact on Monday morning's commute. Flooding is possible. Watch tides late Sunday into Monday morning. Wind Gusts S/SE 25-35 mph with gusts up near 45 along the coast.
SATURDAY: Mild. Sun and clouds. High of 51.
SUNDAY: Mainly cloudy with scattered afternoon showers. Heavier rain in the evening and overnight. High near 53.
MONDAY: Morning showers. Mostly cloudy, breezy. High of 56.
TUESDAY: Colder. Mostly cloudy, flurries or snow showers mixed with rain. High of 42.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny. High 43.