Stratford group says continued marijuana education needed for youth following legalization

The Stratford Partnership for Youth and Families has always been about promoting a healthy and drug-free lifestyle for kids, and it says educating youth about marijuana now that it is legal should be no different.
Now that marijuana is legal for adults in Connecticut, nothing is changing when it comes to the coalition's messaging, organizers say.
They say they're still going to educate children the same way they have for years.
The Stratford Partnership for Youth and Families has been serving the community since the '70s.
The coalition is made up of around 30 people encompassing 12 different sectors: members of the police department, the medical field, the business sector, high school students and more.
The coalition aims to prevent drug and alcohol use in youths, educating them through several programs both in and out of the classroom.
When it comes to drinking alcohol, the coalition's goal is to make sure parents are being responsible around their kids. Stratford Prevention Coordinator James Olsen says that means setting examples by not drinking and driving and not letting kids drink. Olsen says now that marijuana is legal, the same rules should apply.
As part of the coalition's work, it surveys students about drug and alcohol use. It says most of the students polled do not use marijuana.