Stratford woman says 6 bullets struck home in drive-by shooting Monday

A Stratford woman says six bullets were shot at her home just after midnight Monday.
Jill Duhancik says she was doing laundry and on the couch when she heard what she thought was gunshots. She said her husband assumed the noise was fireworks, but it left her and her youngest son frightened.
The next day when her husband arrived home, he noticed one of their windows was shattered, and saw six bullet holes on the side of their home.
Two bullets made it into their home--one went through the porch window, the curtain hitting, but not puncturing through a locker. And another went straight into their son's mattress--where he was sleeping.
"Very thankful my son is alive and that I am as well, I was only three feet away from where one of the bullets were. I mean but he was a couple of inches," said Duhancik.
This is the second shooting in the area this month, and Duhancik has contacted the mayor and police, who say they are investigating.
She says police were asking neighbors if anyone had video of the car involved in the drive-by shooting.
Duhancik says this is the second shooting in the area, and her family is feeling on edge.
"Whoever is doing these kind of shootings, it's so dangerous and they could have taken an innocent life for reason," said Duhancik.
The family says they plan to put up some security cameras.