Students protest alleged racial, homophobic discrimination at school

A group of Bound Brook High School students took a stand Friday night after several alleged incidents of racial and homophobic discrimination took place earlier in the year.
Students staged a sit-in at Bound Brook High School Friday protesting several incidents, including one of pride stickers around school being ripped off by a student back in October.
Students say staff members saw it happen, but the administration claims they weren't notified about it until this past week.
They also say nothing was done after they alerted the principal about an offensive Instagram page that was dedicated to mocking black students at the high school.
The district released a statement tonight saying in part: "The Board of Education and administration take claims of inappropriate conduct and discrimination by anyone in our school community seriously...The district has taken many steps over the years to focus on addressing social and racial injustices and eliminating barriers to reporting issues. We hope heightened awareness and subsequent speculation in today's climate will not deter future reporting."