Suffolk police: Security tight for president's visit

Suffolk County police say residents can expect tight security for President Donald Trump's visit to Brentwood on Friday.
Trump is expected to talk tough about efforts to eradicate the MS-13 gang when he speaks at Suffolk Community College in the afternoon.
Suffolk Police Commissioner Timothy Sini says there will be road closures in the Brentwood area and that residents should plan ahead. Sini says he cannot provide specific details on which roads will be closed or other security measures, citing a request from the Secret Service to keep that information under wraps. But he says police will be out in full force.
"We're talking about hundreds of assets devoted to this operation and obviously the majority of those assets will come from the Suffolk Police Department," Sini says.
Suffolk police will be assisted by New York State Police, State Park Police and other jurisdictions.
Sini also says police are prepared to handle protests by immigrant activists expected during the president's visit.
"Our goals are to make sure that the president's trip is safe for him and his team, but also is to ensure the safety of all protesters," he says.
The president's visit comes three months after Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech in Central Islip where he vowed the Trump administration would demolish MS-13. Rep. Lee Zeldin will be traveling with the president from Washington, D.C. to Brentwood for the visit.